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Are you tired + burned out because you feel like you are spinning your wheels without any progress being made? Or do you feel like the progress seems so small compared to where you'd like to be?

For women that want life-changing results

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Hi friends, we're Heather + Sara! Wives, moms, business owners, top earners, + good friends.

Imagine what it would be like...

We're excited you're here!

Imagine how it would feel by simply implementing proven frameworks + strategies, choosing faith over fear, + taking inspired action towards your goals. 

To change your life in network marketing + help others along the way.

Create momentum

Using a proven framework + strategies to get you to where you want to be in your business.

Make a

Not only will you learn how to create a life-changing business, but you'll also be helping lots of others along the way!

Be able to
enjoy more freedom

As you learn how to grow your business without adding more to-dos to your list, you'll find you are able to enjoy more freedom in life.

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You need a proven framework + strategies from top earners. 

The reason you're burned out and struggling to scale is you don't have the necessary tools in place to grow and lead your team. Building your team allows you to generate the income and impact you want without having to sell thousands of dollars of your personal product each month.

Tell me if this sounds just like you...

We know what you need, friend

You're burned out + struggling

You want to level up your business, but you don't know how

You are seeing personal results but your team isn't doing much or having your same success

When you complete this program you will see results

What got you here won't get you to where you want to go. You need someone to help show you the right steps to take to get you to your destination. With over three decades of business experience we can help you get from A to where you want to Be. 

This will level up your business for good + get you the results you've been wanting.

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By taking this course and implementing the strategies + systems you'll not only be crushing your goals, but you'll also save time so that you can enjoy more freedom to do what you love doing.

You would much rather be crushing it + saving tons of time so that you can do what you love doing.

Let's paint the picture a bit more

You have been going about it all wrong

You feel burnout constantly

You wish your team would put in the work like you do

Replicate Your Results

The main things you will learn are:

Proven Systems + Frameworks

Learn all about the proven systems, strategies + frameworks that have been used by two top earners to create the business you've been dreaming of. We walk you step-by-step to where you want to go!


Replicate Your Results will help you create life-changing results in your network marketing business, so you can make a bigger impact and enjoy more freedom, without burning yourself out on social media and trying to sell tens of thousands of dollars of products every month.


You'll learn how to implement these systems, strategies + frameworks without adding more to your to-do list. Simplify + focus on the most important tasks that will move your business to the level you want it to be!


Make an

 Learn how to take inspired action + help your team do the same. It will help you feel more fulfilled as a leader while helping others along the way creating a big impact!



With the right systems, strategies + framework you can help your business to build momentum so you can take your hands off the wheel knowing your team is fully supported + you are inspiring them instead of dragging them.




You'll learn how to create a business that you will be able to run instead of it running you. We want to show you how you can save time, money + energy. Everyone's paths are different, but we have a proven framework that will get you where you want to be. We have both created thriving businesses that allow us more freedom than ever before and we want to help you achieve the same results!

This is our 6 session live course dedicated entirely to growing your business

This is for you if:

You have big dreams for your network marketing business—but you're struggling to increase your income, despite working really really hard.

You've been pouring so much time and energy into your business, you're feeling burned out and you're not seeing the results you dream of. 

You're struggling to balance your limited time between selling personal product and growing your team, and you're feeling frustrated because your team doesn't seem as motivated as you are. 

You are a woman of faith and you want to run your business in a way that honors your principles and values. 

Right now, you can't see how it's possible to scale your business to a place where you have independent leaders.

You constantly compare yourself to those with more successful businesses than yours, and you have no idea how you can achieve what they have.

You're doubting whether you have the skills to be a leader, and the thought of leading a team of thousands has you shaking in your boots. 

You shy away from checking in with your team and encouraging them to reach their goals because you're afraid they'll think you are "pushy". 


Yes, even if:

You are content with making a small side income and don't want to scale your network marketing business:

This course is for those who are ready to stop treating network marketing as a hobby and start building their business seriously, so they can make more income, have a bigger impact and feel more fulfilled. 

You're already making six figures from network marketing, you're feeling fulfilled in your business and you enjoy leading and inspiring your team: 

It sounds like you've already achieved the exact outcome this course is designed to help you achieve, so you can relax, knowing you've got this under control. 

You're a brand-new distributor and you aren't seeing personal results yet:

This course is for distributors who have been selling personal product and growing their team, and want to pour some gasoline on the fire to take their business to the next level. If you are brand new, we suggest listening to the podcast, "Called to Lead." 

You can't afford this course without accruing debt:

As women of faith, we believe in selling with integrity. And as such, we want you to be already making enough income to justify this investment.

This is NOT for you if:


Simplify your systems with this helpful course all about customer automations. This offer is only valid until November 14th at 11:59 EST.

Join now & get a free course walking you through customer automations!

You feel drained because you haven't set up automations to save you time + money

You have zero time for yourself

You feel burnout constantly


Wait what exactly is in this course??

So many goodies in one course where we'll walk you through the steps to get to where you want to be to change your life.

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

Identity + Foundation

Topics that are covered


Five Core Beliefs You Need to Succeed

Your identity is NOT in your business

Comparison Crusher: Your Story Matters

Are you a Victim, Worker or Winner?


Vision + Expectations

Topics that are covered


Begin with the End in Mind 

M.P.A. : Mind > Paper > Action

How to Pick Your Partners

What does a Typical Team Look Like?


Time + Money

Topics that are covered


What's in Your Control?

Are you Holding Yourself back from More?

Rewarding Yourself Along the Way

Five Phases You Can Expect In Your Business



Topics that are covered


What do you Want Your Team to be Known for?

It's Not About YOU

Keeping Your Team Close to the Fire

Three Key Areas of Creating Culture


Momentum + Motivation

Topics that are covered


The 3 Types of Momentum

Momentum Busters + Boosters

Is it normal to go backwards?

Leveraging Events to Generate Momentum


Systems + Strategy

Topics that are covered


5 Systems Every Leader Needs

Is it Your Job to Create Team Systems?

Create a Personal System that Can Scale

How to Leverage Corporate Systems to Save Time + Money


This program helped me to stay consistent, learn the in’s and out’s of the business and grow as a leader. It created so much more clarity so that I can help my team leverage our systems and duplicate them with any new teamies. I’ve been able to grow my team and almost triple my sales because of this! I am forever grateful.


This duo, is truly, dynamic! 
Heather Burge and Sara Davies have brought their expertise together to present a stimulating, thought provoking and growth driven series of trainings.
Implementing the strategies taught through their comprehensive and results driven framework, grew my business by 64%. Even months after completing the series, I continue to refer back to the concepts taught, as I strategize my business vision and goals. 
If you desire to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend this uniquely designed, industry tailored course.


This course was a great boost to my business and to my confidence in social selling! As someone very new to and intimidated by Direct Sales, I faced a lot of imposter syndrome and lack of belief. By connecting with other social sellers and amazing leaders, I was able to learn more than I ever imagined and challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone with the support of amazing peers with great knowledge and experience.

 It feels amazing to be able to duplicate that leadership for my team! I started with 6 Direct teammates, and added 12 directs and 5 more indirects, growing my team by 17 women during the duration of my experience! Not only did my team grow, but I also advanced to a new rank AND my sales benefited from my newfound confidence and I continued to break personal and team sales records!!


This program was the catalyst for massive growth within my business. Sara and Heather taught me how to more effectively lead my team to success. I was able to get clear on my vision, share that vision with others, work my business much more efficiently, and then share the principles I learned with my leaders. 

While I was participating in this program, I experience incredible results! Not only did my team double in size, but multiple Teamies ranked or double ranked. I am now the top 1% of my company and finding so much joy in continuing to share these principles with as many people as I can! If you work in direct sales and trying to figure out how to take your business from the basics to the next level, this program is hands down the best way!


Here's what people are saying...


Say Yes to the date + book it girl!

Buy the Course & commit to your goals.

Buy the course and commit to following the process + implementing the systems we provide for you.

Start crushing your business goals

Make sure to schedule in the trainings to your calendar. It's true when they say, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

As you implement what we teach you then you can start crushing your goals + have life-changing results!

How does it work??

All you have to do is start following these simple steps.
We are here to walk with you so you can meet your goals.




A One-Time Payment

This is hands-down a
great deal!

best value




Course Value = $10,000+

Your Price = $497

SAVINGS= $9,503+

There will be 6 live modules about an hour each spread over the course of 9 weeks. Each one will have course work provided that may take another couple of hours each week. However implementing the frameworks and systems we teach will actually end up saving you time!

How much time do I need to dedicate to learning and implementing each week?

The short answer is all personality types and people can be and have been successful in network marketing. We go over this in the program!

I'm not naturally a leader. Is it really possible for someone like me to motivate a team? 

We do talk about ways to build your personal business and sales, but we would say this program is aimed for people that want to have a big impact through sales AND team building.

I don't want to build a team, I just want to sell lots of personal product. Will you teach me how to do that?

First off congrats sister! These strategies will help you to earn more without adding more to your do-to list.

I'm already making $100k+ per year from my business. Will this help me to scale even more? 

Absolutely! In Replicate Your Results, we'll teach you the systems, strategies and frameworks to help you finally take your business to the next level. 


If you haven't already earned at least $5000 we would invite you to work with your mentor to get your sales flowing and your team started before investing with us.

I'm brand new to network marketing, is this for me? 


How do I access the course?

This course is located on a user friendly learning platform called Kajabi. You’ll receive a link to create + log into your account in an email right when you purchase. You get immediate access to all the materials + information on how to attend the live trainings + replays right on the easy-to-use platform!

A One-Time Payment

This is hands-down a
great deal!

Best Value




Course Value = $10,000+

Your Price = $497

SAVINGS= $9,503+


Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our course by offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, then as long as you can show us that you did the work in the course you'll get your money back. No risk involved.