Create momentum in your team that leads to freedom + fulfillment

Learn the biggest mistakes you've been making that are holding you back from growth in your business.

Learn what's possible so you can dream bigger + stop limiting yourself.

Learn the systems, strategies and frameworks that will help you to save time and earn more money.

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Have you ever wanted to peek behind the curtain of a top ranked leader's business? Are you curious about what the real story is along with the real numbers?

We are Heather + Sara and we are so excited you're here!

Sara took the pearls she learned from her previous network marketing experience and applied them to grow quickly in her current company.

Heather opened her own clothing boutique straight out of college and had a thriving brick and mortar business for 15 years before she joined her current company. 

We are both wives, moms, and business owners that know first hand how hectic life can get.

Hi friends!

We've learned a lot along the way to becoming two of the top earners and leaders in our network marketing company and are excited to share with you the steps we took to get here!

free workshop includes

An interactive quiz to help you recognize the biggest thing holding you back from growth.

Identify what got you here vs. what will get you to where you actually want to be.

Learn the framework we've seen to help leaders soar to the top and what it feels like when your business starts to grow in a sustainable way.

A sneak peak of our Replicate Your Results 6 module course.

Perfect for anyone looking TO do less and earn more in their current network marketing company

Learn the framework that has helped leaders soar, along with other strategies in this free live workshop!

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FREE workshop

Your path to a life-changing network marketing business.

This program helped me to stay consistent, learn the in’s and out’s of the business and grow as a leader. It created so much more clarity so that I can help my team leverage our systems and duplicate them with any new teamies. I’ve been able to grow my team and almost triple my sales because of this! I am forever grateful.


This duo, is truly, dynamic! 
Heather Burge and Sara Davies have brought their expertise together to present a stimulating, thought provoking and growth driven series of trainings.
Implementing the strategies taught through their comprehensive and results driven framework, grew my business by 64%. Even months after completing the series, I continue to refer back to the concepts taught, as I strategize my business vision and goals. 
If you desire to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend this uniquely designed, industry tailored course.


This course was a great boost to my business and to my confidence in social selling! As someone very new to and intimidated by Direct Sales, I faced a lot of imposter syndrome and lack of belief. By connecting with other social sellers and amazing leaders, I was able to learn more than I ever imagined and challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone with the support of amazing peers with great knowledge and experience.

 It feels amazing to be able to duplicate that leadership for my team! I started with 6 Direct teammates, and added 12 directs and 5 more indirects, growing my team by 17 women during the duration of my experience! Not only did my team grow, but I also advanced to a new rank AND my sales benefited from my newfound confidence and I continued to break personal and team sales records!!


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This workshop is perfect for those wanting to scale their business past their personal successes and lead a successful team.


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