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Heather and Jake Dempsey, the co-founder and CEO of Project Broadcast, continue the conversation surrounding utilizing text marketing for business growth. Project Broadcast’s focus on loving and serving their customers has been attributed to their rapid success. Join them as Jake shares his personal recommendations on how to leverage text marketing and other tech to grow your business without social media. 

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Episode Highlights:

・Jake shares how Project Broadcast was built without leveraging social media

・How Project Broadcast’s focus on serving people of all business sizes to succeed helped them grow at an exponential rate

・Leveraging a business phone number to grow your business

・Recommendations of how to use tech marketing to scale your business

・Jake speaks to the issues surrounding following up and the customer service aspect to business and how having a business phone number combined with campaigns can help

・Integrate a business phone number with your social media and explode your reach

・Leveraging Project Broadcasts features to advertise your business

・Utilizing the different types of campaigns with social media  

・New features being added to Project Broadcast

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29 | How to Leverage Text Marketing – Ask the Expert: DIRECT Your Connections to Text, Part 1 with Jake Dempsey from Project Broadcast

Hi guys, and welcome to the scale without social podcast. I am so excited to continue this series that I have been doing on the five steps that you can take to step away from social media and still build your business. If that’s. Just for a short period of time or for a longer period of time those five ds that I have been sharing over the last several episodes have been decide. Divulge. Direct, which is going to be this week’s episode in part two. Of my interview with Jake Dempsey, the CEO and founder of project broadcast. And then coming up, we’ve got a couple more delegate and delete. So episode 21 is where I do the brief overview. And then the episodes that have followed this one. 

Are a little bit more of a deep dive, but today I’m super excited to continue the conversation with Jake. And specifically, we’re going to be talking about how he built he and his partner, Brian, and co-founder built project broadcast, which is one of the top texting marketing apps out there right now. It’s absolutely exploding. It’s an incredible product that can help you build your business, especially outside of social media, but he talks specifically about how they built their business without social media. And then we dive into some of the specific resources and tools that project Broadcast and texting in particular have to offer you and your business so we’re going to get into the nitty gritty for all of you tech nerds out there but we’re also going to make it super simple if tech tends to overwhelm you or you’re not even sure where to start with text marketing so i hope you loved today’s episode and let’s get started

So, if you haven’t already listened to the part one episode 28. 

With Jake Dempsey. I definitely recommend that you go ahead and go check that out because you’re going to hear the backstory of how Jake founded his company. You’re going to hear about why he and I agree that text marketing. Absolutely should be something that you should leverage for your business and why. 

It might even be better than things like email or certainly keeping your conversation buried in your DMS within your social media accounts. Right? So today as we continue the interview, we’re going to get a little bit more into the, how it works. So let’s get started. 

Jake: Even if you look at project broadcast, me and Brian. So Brian and I started, we launched in 2017, right? Project broadcast didn’t have an Instagram account until like three months ago. What? Oh, that’s so cool. We, we created our Instagram account. I, it might be two months ago, two or three months. We started Instagram Project Broadcast did have, and does have a business page, but go look at it.

I would call it. I’ll be generous for myself to say it’s a very lean business page. And then if you look at my personal Facebook page and Brian’s personal Facebook page we both post a few times a year mm-hmm . So I I’m actually not as an individual, highly active in social media as a person. Obviously I am because of, we have so many groups that we manage for project broadcast and help people through support with that.

We didn’t grow project broadcast by trying to be a ultra texting influencer. It wasn’t the way we grew the business. We grew the business. Now, maybe it’s a little bit different for, for some of the people listening, but the way we literally grew the business and project broadcast literally supports 50 plus different network marketing, direct sales companies, tens and tens of thousands of entrepreneurs use project broadcast.

I think we have over 30,000 active users current. Wow. So we grow the business and this is how we do it today. Still, when we see people use project broadcast, we love on them. That’s what we do. When we see that people need help, we help them. And on occasion we meet someone who has friends mm-hmm and then we ask them if we can share about project broadcast to their friends and we get on a zoom call.

And I just literally did a zoom. A few days ago, we had 150 people on it and that didn’t come from social. That came from people who liked our product, who had a, you know, had people in their influence that they thought that project broadcast could help them. We said we would love to talk with them and we set up a zoom.

None of that was done via social media, zero. Mm. 

Heather: Man. That’s good. And I know you’re wives too, because they’ve been in the industry for a while. They mm-hmm probably build their businesses. I’m sure they probably leverage it a little bit maybe, but maybe not because they don’t have to right. 

Jake: Well Christie’s so my wife’s name’s Christie and the thing I love about Christie is, you know, I’m biased, of course, cuz 20 plus years of marriage, you get super biased but she is, you know, no one loves harder than my wife.

No one. I remember when she was growing her business in the early. You know, someone would need her product. Like they, maybe they ordered, but they don’t have the particular thing they need. And she would literally hop in the car and drive like an hour to take them the product that, that they, that they didn’t have that they could have just ordered and gotten like in two or three days.

And she’s like, no, she said she needs it today. I’m taking it to her. And I’m like, okay. And I think that. Just approach to life is what helped her be very successful? Yes. She leverages social media. She is constantly, you know, full transparency. She’s constantly struggling with, you know, how do you improve and be better at social media, but no one out hugs her.

No one, no one out hugs her. And I think that’s what really helped her really build her business. And social media was, is there to like help support it in a way. But I think she’s a fantastic hugger and she loves to talk to people and she loves to get to know them and have coffee with them and learn about them and like really engage with them.

And even if she knew that person wasn’t going to be her customer or joined her business. She just loves on people like that in general. And guess what? I can’t count the number of times. She’s had a friend who doesn’t use her product and isn’t on her team say, so, and so that I know needs to talk to you because they need your product.

Yes. And that didn’t come from liking or sharing anything on social 

Heather: media. No it’s because she hugged them, whether that’s very, she hugged them literally. That makes yeah. I love that. I love that analogy. Just go be a hugger. I should do a whole, whole episode hug your neck. Cause I have to say that’s you know, just to use an anecdotal experience, I.

Recommended the project broadcast app to one of my amazing leaders, Emily to mm-hmm share, she’s looking, she’s amazing on social media, but she wants to just, you know, try to focus on some other things. And so I recommended that she set up a project. I actually think she even had the app before. Mm-hmm , but to go all in, you know, to create a business number and she ran into a little snag.

When she was setting it up and I happened to be communicating with Joanna. Who’s one of your awesome team members. Yeah. And I just said, you know, I don’t even know if this is okay to ask you. And she said it’s more than, okay. That is what I’m here for. Can you send me her number so I can make sure that not only this.

Particular issue gets resolved, but that she’s knows that she’s got a point of contact and I know we have for our company and it, and I did a quick search and it looks like you have this for a lot of these companies that you work with, you have entire communities, mm-hmm of service for the people who are looking to use your, your, your your product in conjunction with their business.

Is that 

Jake: right? It is. And for fortunately, or unfortunately for Dawn and Joanna, when I hired them. So they were in the wild as professional. Consultants. They would get hired by high ranking leaders to help them strategize and use project broadcast. And I saw that I’m like, I don’t like that. I mean, I like it for the people that can pay for it.

But again, remember who I’m thinking about? I’m not thinking about the triple diamond unicorn. I’m thinking about the mom. Who’s trying to make a couple hundred bucks a month to do something nice for the family. Well, guess what? She can’t pay for Dawn and Joanna. So I literally reached out to Dawn. She was the first one I hired and convinced her.

And then later, Joan. To join project broadcast full time so that everyone has that capability and you don’t pay for it. It’s a part of being in the project broadcast community. And I told them, you know, again, this is the unfortunate part. Maybe for them. I told them your job is to make customers successful.

Well, what does that mean? That it means help them be successful. So if you’re strategizing on how they can use project broadcast to crush a vendor event, or they’re struggling to understand how to use keywords to extract, like we talked about extract influence off of social media, your job is to create training and get on calls with people and host power hours.

It’s a pretty vague job description, you know, help customers be successful, but they are killing it. They. Everyone loves Donna Joanna. They are, you know, I don’t know. They, they just, they, they kill it. They really embody what I was hoping, you know, would happen when they joined the team was that people would just be leveraging them and they would be helping them grow their business and leveraging project broadcast, not in a support role, but in what we call a success role.

And. But killing it phenomenal. 

Heather: That’s amazing. And it’s also scalable for you because who doesn’t want their job to be basically a professional hugger, right? like they get to, you know, they do hug the people and help them. And what a cool, like, I, I just actually talked about Brene brown and her awesome book dare to lead and how she talks about, you know, paint done for me.

Like, what does this look like? To be a success. And the fact that you’re like help others be successful and do whatever it takes to get there. I can already tell just in the, the time that I’ve been interacting with her, that she that’s what she does. And like yes, gave her one, one job and she, and what a fun job to help other people win.

And so that’s scalable. You can find more Don and Joanna’s because you’re gonna need to, after , it’s already taken off like crazy, but I can’t wait to see even where this grows for y’all in the future. It’s gonna be super. 

Jake: I’m just a big believer in that, like in any business, right. If you want to earn, then you have to just provide more value.

Yeah. Like the, the, the money that you earn and the, the success that you have is directly proportionate to the amount of value that you put out into the world. Mm-hmm . So I look at Dawn and Joanna and I, they are constantly driving massive amounts of value to people in, you know, in our user base. That literally results in those people saying, oh my gosh, I have five friends that really need to be using this.

Great. Well, let us talk to them. That’s what has literally has grown our business is just, you know, off say hugging next, but it’s true. I mean, we do our best to love on customers, as hard as we can and support them as best we can. And that’s literally how we grew the business and it’s still how we grow the business.

Heather: Mm man, that’s good. And that’s a great lesson for any entrepreneur. So how cool to exemplify that? Well, Jake, let’s dive into a few of your top tech tips. So this, again, like could be for someone who is like me, that is like, okay, well, how does this work? And, you know, for the, for the nerds yeah, the nerds.

But then also again, would love to be able to give for the people who AB their mind starts to you know, go crazy or explode when you talk about tech stuff. So what, what are your top tips, your top tech tips that you. Work with 

Jake: text messaging? Well, I would say let’s so as a simple thing, first, let’s say for those listening, when you get a project broadcast account, it’s important to know you pick a state, or if you’re in Canada, the province that you live in, and we give you a huge list of phone numbers and you pick a phone number that is now your project broadcast phone number, your business phone number.

Basically you can send and receive text messages on that phone number using the project broadcast mobile app or our website. And you can even make and receive phone calls. So because it is a full business line, you can do all sorts of things. So for example one of the things I’ve been talking with people about recently in terms of prospecting on Instagram specifically, is that today you already share about your product.

You are, you’re sharing about your product on Instagram. You’re doing little fun reels. You’re putting stuff in your story, but guess what? Like after a few hours, that content is. right. And how do people interact with it? They either comment on it or they like it. Maybe you get follow out of it, but what does it actually do beyond that?

It kind of stops, right? Well, what if you started putting something like text me with your project broadcast phone number as a part of the real or. Let’s say, you know, again, I’m Jake, the Acme, unicorn, distributor, whatever. And I’m posting on Instagram about my awesome unicorns. Everyone should have a unicorn.

I may create a keyword in project broadcast called unicorn and literally on my social media, create reels about the awesome unicorns and say, Hey, text unicorn to this phone number to learn more. And guess what? When they text the word unicorn, I’ve now extracted. Off of social media. And what’s powerful about that is sometimes your reels get more reach if it, you know if, if you doing it right, it gets more reach than you know, the number of people that you have following you because someone saw it and they shared it or whatever.

Right? Well, if it’s a part of your real, then you can be extracting influence off of social media for people that don’t even currently follow you. And then if you create a highlight with those reel. Guess what, when someone clicks that highlight three months from now, six months from now a year from now, they can still text you.

And that that content can be helping you extract influence off of social media. In fact, today, and a lot of influencers are even doing this, which is really interesting. I’ve seen a lot of very large influencers do this one. I follow actually is Gary V mm-hmm Gary V Gary V does this, if you look at these large influencers, bio.

On like Instagram and they say, text me, and there’s a phone number. Guess what? That’s not their phone number. , they’re using a tool like project broadcast, if not using project broadcast to extract that audience. So I’m always thinking about like, how do you, you know, extract eyeballs, maybe that sounds weird, but how do you extract the eyeballs or let’s say you do vendor.

Let’s say you love doing vendor events and today you have a clipboard and people come by and put their name and phone number. Maybe you do a raffle and you go home that night and you try to read everyone’s chicken scratch and put it into an Excel document, upload it to and pick a raffle winner.

Well, what if you created a QR code and you can do this, you can create a QR code where when someone scans the QR code, it opens up their texting. Puts your keyword into the message to send automatically fills in your phone number. And all they have to do is click send. So now you can have, you know, a little piece of paper at your vendor booth with the QR code.

And literally as people walk by, maybe they don’t wanna stop and write their name and number, but they’re interested in your product at the table. If they scan that QR code, you just capture a lead. Mm. And you can use, you can use project broadcast to go even further than that, to where. When they text you that keyword, it triggers a configurable form.

And maybe you collect information like first name, last name, favorite unicorn, color, whatever, whatever the thing is that you need to capture and maybe offer something as a part of that, you know, and now you’re creating this, this lead list and you’re doing. Really no heavy lifting mm-hmm right. You can focus on managing the table, making the table look great and not worrying about getting people to fill out this clipboard.

You’re gonna fill, you know, go read later. It’s a great way to actually extract eyeballs. And I know a lot of people love doing vendor events and then they’re frustrated when it’s over mm-hmm cause then they have to go do the work of following up with those folks. You can literally use project broadcast to extract the eyeballs, create leads.

You can create a contest in project broadcast, even pick a winner for the raffle. Yeah. And then now you’ve got all the people that texted you, the keyword, all the people that filled out your form, you picked the, you created the contest and pick the winner. And now you have a list already in project broadcast of leaves to follow up with, to try to, you know, make more engagement with you could do all that in project.

Heather: Oh, that’s so cool. Oh man. Now. Yeah. Now you’re speaking to my heart. I haven’t done a vendor event in a minute, but I can’t wait to do one now. And CAMBA is another one of my favorite techniques and I love how easy now the integration of the QR code. It’s so simple. Just like you would upload a picture or you know, something into it.

You can just create a, a QR code. Is that now, do you do. In terms of the service with Don and Joanna or, you know, can you help people with that tech side of it for when they go to that? When that pure code goes to their texting app? Is 

Jake: that as simple? Yes, it is super. So I need to, I need to get the cause there’s a website I always go to and I actually have told the team, we should just build this.

Cuz it’s, it’s really not that hard for us to build. But if you Google. QR code SMS for like text. There’s a gazillion of these out there. You’ll put in your phone number. You want to, you know, it to pop open. And what do you want automatically filled into the message and it’ll generate the QR code for you.

We should have that in project broadcast. We don’t yet, but we should build that. But yeah, that like that concept is super cool. And even speaking of Canva for kind of nerdy people out there. We have an integration with Canva. Oh, so you, you, you can actually create graphics in Canva on the website or their mobile app and save it directly into your project broadcast account.

Wow. Did you know that? Is that cool? That’s awesome. Yeah, 

Heather: that is fan Taite. Now what about drip campaigns? Cuz I know for again, nerdy people like me, like I totally get that concept, but how, why is that important? What is, what is it exactly and how does, how does project broadcast do that? 

Jake: We support, I think, seven different campaigns today, drip campaigns to be one of them, but let’s, let’s go back to kind of that social media approach.

And I’ll tell you where campaigns can be very powerful. One of my favorite types of campaigns for people who are currently even on social media are time lapse campaigns. So let’s say again, I gotta come with a better product than Acme unicorn, but let’s just, we’ll just keep, we’ll keep, we’ll keep, we’ll keep going with that.

Let’s say, I want to teach you about Acme unicorns and hopefully get you to buy one, right. Or at least set up a time to call me to talk about them. When I create that keyword, maybe it’s called unicorn in project broadcast. I can have, when someone text me that keyword have them added to a campaign automat.

Well, our time lapse campaign allows you to send, say whatever. Let’s say it’s five messages I can send the first one immediately. Then five minutes later, five minutes later, five minutes later. Yeah, I can effectively do like a party over text and just educate someone about our product. Over text very simply.

Now I’m gonna be a smart marketer and make sure my messages are one engaging and two have some call to action, right? Like here’s my Calendarly link or I’d love to set up a time for coffee or here’s even a link maybe to my website for you to make a purchase. I love time lapse campaigns for that. And in fact, the last probably two, two and a half years using time lapse campaigns to deliver content quickly to someone that is asking for inform.

Became hugely popular. And the great thing about like drip campaigns, like you mentioned, is as much as everyone wants to, and this is where I’ll be a little harsh. Everyone wants to be great at follow up mm-hmm but everyone sucks at it. like, you know, like, and it’s not necessarily their fault. It’s just, we, life gets in the way.

Yeah. You know, you’ve got kids to deal with. Yeah. We’ve got kids to deal with and we’ve got families to manage. Follow up can fall through the cracks. Well with drip, drip campaigns in project broadcast, let’s say you wanted to set up a two day two week, two month, six month follow up system for your customers.

You can create a drip campaign in project broadcast where the first messages, two days after, and then two weeks after two months after maybe six months after, depending on how you wanna set up your. And then whenever you want to, you just add one of your contacts to the campaign and we schedule all those messages for you.

And again, you want your messages to be engaging because ideally you want the person to respond. Mm-hmm , that’s when you know you’re doing really good in project broadcast is when you get your recipient to respond to your message, not just receive them. Mm-hmm but the nice thing about setting up, follow up in a drip campaign.

 It’s kinda like mom guilt, you don’t get leader guilt. Right? You don’t get leader leader guilt that you followed up with someone, but not this other person. And now you can’t message them. Cause you know, they’re gonna be angry cause you didn’t follow up with them. Like this is, this is real.

Yeah. And when you have a follow up system in place that is eliminated entirely. 

Heather: Yeah, man, that’s true. That that leader guilt is real and I know it’s real. Totally that, that customer service aspect of it mm-hmm or even you. I guess distributor service, really like you’re saying for your team, like there’s so many different ways that you can leverage things like that, to make sure that the conversations don’t fall through the cracks.

So that’s, that’s super powerful. Well, what else? I know you’ve got some really cut cool things headed down the pipeline. And I don’t think they’re a secret cuz I saw ’em on the blog, but 

Jake: what? Yes, we did a post and we did do a post about him. yes. Okay. Here’s my, my belief. I like, I believe. You know, there’s a place for social media, right?

There’s a place for it. I don’t think the place for team collaboration is on social media. I don’t, I actually don’t think it’s well suited for it to be Frank, because again, if the goal of the media platform is to serve ads and the goal of team collaboration is high visibility, high collaboration, they kind of contradict each other in terms of the goals of the media platform.

We actually launched a new feature called spaces. Now, obviously you have to, you have to squint really hard right now to see the vision that I’m gonna paint. Okay. Because today, if you were to go look at spaces, it’s more like a Facebook messenger type feature, but in the next four to six months, I would say maybe, maybe six to maybe we’ll say six months, the rest of the year we are gonna be working heavily.

To add additional capability into spaces, which is designed for collaboration. It’s designed to be a place where you and your team, and maybe even your customers can collaborate and actually have real collaboration. Like I there’s no financial incentive for me, if you post it into a space to not make sure that Sally, your friend who’s also in the space knows about it zero.

Right? So a space is gonna have discussion kinda like your discussion on your Facebook. It’s gonna have content sharing. So files, documents, images. It’s gonna have a full Q and a module like a real Q and a where people can ask a question and other people can answer and you can up vote the que the answer, and you can mark one of the answers, the best answer.

So now you start building knowledge bases around, you know, certain, certain, certain spaces that you want to create. And we’re gonna keep adding features into spaces with the hope. Really replacing the need for using Facebook groups for managing your team and customers. It’s pretty ambitious. Yeah, it’s pretty, , it’s pretty ambitious.

I will say that. We’re also doing a full redesign of the product because spaces is so foundational now to what we think project broadcast needs to do. We’re doing a complete redesign of the product to make sure that space is is really like really part of the product. And that we should have done by the end of the year as.


Heather: Oh my gosh. Yeah, that is seriously so exciting. And I know we’ll serve my listeners so well, because we’re all trying to kind of figure this thing out together. Right. Because I know we’re all learning about this whole. We are the product and oh no. Like how there’s gotta be another way and not that social media’s, you know, the enemy and, and 90% of my listeners.

Still, you know, obviously use and leverage it for their business, much, like you said, your wife does, but we’re all looking for those alternatives and to work mm-hmm, harder, not harder. And the fact that you could integrate both your customer communication and your team communication in a place that would be an alternative to.

Social media communities that could be seriously huge. And I, I know for there’s a huge market for it. That’s 

Jake: amazing. Well, I’m excited because when it makes, when you think about the things that we really wanna be able to do, for example, so in your account and project broadcast, you’ll be able to create as many spaces as you want.

Well, you think of a space as like a piece of context, meaning I want a space just for my top leaders. We’ll create a space for that and only let your top leaders in that. I want a space just for the people going to conference next year. Great. Create a space for it. And now all of the content you’re sharing and the Q and a is specific to that space.

Right? So if you want a place for just you and your leaders, or even you and crossline people that you collaborate with, right. Cause it doesn’t have to just be people in your organization. You can create space for it. And what’s cool is you’ll be able to do things like add a space to a campaign. So imagine.

Yeah, so you, you could create a drip campaign and then add a space to it. So it makes my brain go to places like wait, so I could, I could do almost like group onboarding of new consultants. If I wanted to like today in project broadcast, when you add contacts to a campaign, each contact gets an individual text message.

Right? Well, what if you wanted that to be more collaborative? What if you created a space for what we’re in the month of August, what if you created a space for all of the people that joined your team in July, and then you added that July new member space to a campaign that drips on it and onboards those people together.

But because they’re all in a space together, they can collaborate and have discussion together. So you can, you know, basically have scheduled messaging going into a. and have collaboration with all the people that are in the space. And I think that one, literally that one concept creates so many opportunities for cool stuff to happen in project broadcast.

I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m super excited about spaces and really frustrated because , I really want all this today. But unfortunately, you know, it takes time to build, to build great features. So Brian has committed to me, Brian, if you’re listening, remember you said. Brian’s committed to me that by the end of the year, we should have a lot more functionality in spaces.

We should have the redesign done. And we actually are also adding emails, a channel, the project broadcast by the end of the year. So a lot of really big things coming. 

Heather: That’s gonna be huge. I am seriously so excited about all of this, and I know that my list, my wheels or my listener’s wheels are spinning with all of this information.

And I know we could probably talk for forever, but I just am so thankful for you taking so much time to both share your story. and then also share some tips, regardless of someone chooses to use project broadcast or mm-hmm, a different platform. You’ve brought so much gold in building a business, even outside of the tech stuff, but especially leveraging tech marketing to scale their business.

So thank you so much, Jake. I’m so, so, so grateful. 

Jake: Oh no, you were so welcome. I could, I could sit here all day and we could chat. We could chat about tech stuff and business and project broadcast. This is like my, you know, this is where it fills my heart. That’s awesome. 

Heather: Well, we might have to do it again.

Maybe I’d love to somebody be we could even bring, I would love to meet your wife and Brian’s wife. that would be a cool, cool conversation. Cuz I, I think this story is just kind beginning and I know that project broadcast has served our company so well and is 

Jake: that’s awesome. I love hearing that we, we get emails every day from leaders and, you know, people who use project broadcast and we share ’em amongst the company. Cause I want everyone in the company to see, like, this is the real impact you’re having this, this person, you know, just started using project broadcast.

And this happened in their business and all the work that you guys are doing did this. And that’s super rewarding. It’s so rewarding. 

Heather: Well, I have to tell you, we had a record month in July, specifically mm-hmm . And part of the reason for that is the people who leveraged text marketing.

We had a pricing update that some people could have viewed as, as kind of a setback due to, you know, the crazy things that are happening with inflation and all of that. But the ones who chose to communicate via text marketing absolutely exploded their sales and it resulted in. Just unbelievable boom.

That honestly is even carried into August. And so I love that. And like I said, most people, I mean, not everyone’s on specifically the project broadcast app, but I know a lot of people who have made the switch because of the affordability, the pricing the, the capabilities and the integration, like it, it’s just a, a no brainer.

Win-win so again, thank you for providing such an awesome, awesome product for all of us. You’re 

Jake: welcome. And, and, you know, Just stay tuned. A lot of really cool stuff is coming so we’re not done yet. It’s never done. Right. We’re all, we’re constantly adding and evolving it. So. 

Heather: Awesome. Well, I know we already talked about where they can go and find more information, but I’ll make sure to also share a link in the show notes where they can specifically, if they’re ready to dive in, they can, they can go do that.

And, and yeah, I’m excited to see how this serves 

Jake: others. Thanks so much, Heather. I appreciate it. Thank you 

Heather: so much, Jake. 

Man how good it was that you guys? I absolutely loved learning more about project broadcast and all of the really cool things down the pipeline. And if you want to check out project broadcast, if you don’t already have a great text marketing platform for yourself. All you have to do. If you’re listening on apple or wherever you listen to podcasts, you can just kind of swipe up, like tap your screen, swipe up and you’ll see the show notes. 

And right there, you’ll have a link where you can check out to learn more about project broadcast. So can’t wait to see what you think as always head on over to the scale without social for female entrepreneurs, telegram group, to let me know what you think and what you thought about this week’s episode. 

And you can also get a link to that group and to learn more and stay in touch by texting the word podcast to 9 1 2 4 0 5 8 9 1 2. Okay, awesome. I hope you guys have a fantastic week and can’t wait to continue the series on the five steps that you can take to build your business without social media. 

And next step is the word delegate. So can’t wait to share another, ask the expert. Episode with you guys next week on that

so get excited

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