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In this episode Heather interviews Kristen Williams, a top leader in Arbonne a large network marketing company. Hear Kristen share about her transition from traditional business to network marketing and the beneficial impact it had on her family. Listen in as they share wisdom, not just in social selling, but applicable to all businesses. 

Episode Highlights:

・Network Marketing really goes hand in hand with personal development

・The Best Yes’s impact on Kristen’s life and business

・Find your product, share with your friends and family, change your life!

・ Homework: Check out “The Atomic Habits”, “The Gap and The Gain”, and “The Best Yes” books

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33 | Lessons from a Top Leader, Kristen Williams, Part 1: Adding an Additional Revenue Stream with Network Marketing / Direct Sales

Hi, friends. And welcome back to the scale without social podcast. I am so excited for today’s interview and to kick off a new series. Where I am going to be exploring some different, additional revenue streams that you can add into your existing life, whether you are an entrepreneur already, or you run one business model and you’re looking to integrate a unique. 

Different business You’re going to be meeting some top entrepreneurs, top leaders, top business owners who have paved the way and are experts in their fields. And I’m so excited to introduce you guys to a friend named Kristin, who is a fellow top leader in another network marketing company. And she’s going to share a little bit of her story of how she. 

Really focused on this is just a way to share her passion for the product. But once she realized it was a very legitimate way to add at first, just a little bit of extra money for her family, but then ultimately. Even more. It is really a great example of how finding a product that you love. That is a part of a direct sales or network marketing company. 

And then just being brave enough to take the leap and share it with your friends and family. It can be so life changing in your life and your business in so many ways. So Kristen beautifully shares her story today and she shares some just really inspiring tips of how you can add on a revenue stream, like network marketing into your already busy life. 

And. Business so let’s get into it

Heather: Okay guys. I am so excited to introduce you to a friend Kristen Williams, who is a top ranked, the highest ranked in fact leader at Arbonne. And she and I actually met in Bob he’s next level, upper level leadership program through one of his weekly accountability meetings. We just kind of hit it off. And we met around the time that I started this, the podcast and shared with her, my heart for serving the entrepreneur.

Who’s looking to build her business in a different way. And I think it just resonated with her and she shared some really cool stories, both of how she built her massive business with Arbonne. But then also how Arbonne being a longtime industry legend within the network marketing community. There’s some really cool stories of of people who have done this without social media shoot without even smartphones

So I’m super excited for you guys to meet Kristen and Kristen. Thank you for being here with me today. I’m 

Kristen: so excited. Thanks for having me on. Yes, of 

Heather: course it’s such a blessing. So I’d love to kind of start, you know, just with your story, like what, you know, where you grew up, where you live now, what, how you found network marketing, how you found Arbonne.

Give us the backstory. 

Kristen: Yeah. So I’m actually in Tallahassee, Florida. This is where I’m from. And my father was a lawyer. My mother was a teacher. I had one sister just kind of grew up in normal Southern small town life. And I met my husband at our high school actually where high school sweethearts.

And I went to college. I actually started in vocal performance. But ended up with an MBA so I, I know. Big transition there, but I entered the business world as an internal auditor and I absolutely loved it, which I know sounds crazy to a lot of people. And then, you know, you start having children and we have two boys and they’re now 13 and 15.

And I think it was around that time that I realized, wow, like this trajectory is going to take me to a place that I have been. Wanting my whole career and my whole life. And I felt like I was made for, but I think sometimes you start realizing the choices that you’re making and that you can kind of see down the line, maybe three people around you that you’re gonna have to you’re at a crossroads.

Right. And you’re gonna have to make some really hard decisions, especially just wanting to move up in corporate America. It really requires a lot of sacrifice and balance. And so I was kind of towing that line and my husband’s in real estate. And. He, you know, was a little bit more flexible than I was than I worked for a great company and absolutely loved it.

But I was introduced I think it’s been nine years ago to the 30 days to healthy living program. And I was just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. and I had a serious diet Coke addiction and honestly, my friend, I mean, it was that like six a day. I’m not even kidding. And I was like, gosh, I wonder why I had all these like headaches and, you know, my stomach hurts all the time among other things.

And so I had a friend that challenged me to do this program, and honestly, I was probably not too nice to her. I was like, I’ve been to every doctor. I can’t figure out what’s going on with me. I’ll do your little thing. I’m sure it’s not gonna work. And. Shockingly, it rocked my world and you know, set down the diet Coke have never looked back because of our amazing physics.

And I didn’t see the business side, I think, cuz I was so, you know, when you go through school and you get your MBA and you’re just like myopic and your focus of what your career is gonna look like. Right. But I didn’t know that network marketing existed and they didn’t teach us that back then actually.

They, they do teach it in the business schools now, which is so smart, but I realized looking back, someone had introduced me to the company 15 years ago through skincare, but back then, I only watched my face with hand soap and she didn’t tell me anything else. I remember going to her house. I remember there being some products.

I didn’t even try them. No one followed up with me. No one told me why they made a difference. And so I think that, gosh, that always goes to my heart to, to know that someone might not be ready then, but they’re ready now. And so once I actually took a look at the business model and for me just as an auditor, you know, trusting, but verifying.

Had to see other people like me do this business. And so by the grace of God, I ended up at our global training conference because a girl that I had introduced to the products signed up to the business and she got on the plane and went to Vegas and I was like, where are you going? Like, what my husband’s like, you gotta go with her.

I was like, I don’t even know what this thing is. I don’t even know where she’s going. And so literally showed up in Vegas and within 24 hours, I had met CPAs and lawyers and Other internal editors that were building this business on a scale that I respected and that I wanted to know more about. And so, you know, I’m not a salesperson, I’m an introvert.

And I had kind of everything stacked against me, including, I would say pride, you know, just in my career and what my future looked like. But thank God I saw that vision and was able to start this business alongside of that career. And we got to a crossroads. We were living in Jacksonville at the time.

And. We just knew that God was calling us back here to Tallahassee. And I knew that I could do this and this would be that vehicle to help me step away from corporate. And so now I get to help, you know, busy moms do the same thing and find community and health, and honestly discover who they were made to be in this world through this very unlikely place called Arbonne.

Heather: Oh, my gosh. That’s so great. I love what a cool story and what a great way to kind of wrap a ton of incredible principles up in there. Cuz I too remember having lunch with somebody probably about 15 years ago, maybe even longer ago who presented the Arbonne skincare products and I was the same way. Yeah, I totally remember that. And you’re so right. Like I, at that point in my life was not. Ready didn’t understand the network marketing business model, cuz like you, I was not educated in that at all. So it’s kind of crazy that full, you know, times come full circle.

And also I think that’s one of the cool stories about Arbonne in general is the, the longstanding history of how the company has shifted even a little bit with the product offerings and I’m sure they still offer things like skincare and makeup, right? Yeah. But yeah, you know, the, like the hero product and the I’ve heard such great things about this busy sticks Really.

Really cool. And so, because, and you said, when did you join? How many years ago was that? Nine years. So it’s nine years. Uhhuh years. Okay. Wow. And also, I can’t get over the fact that you like went to the conference, not as a distributor with someone that you had referred, which is right. Did I hear that?

I had signed up 

Kristen: at this point. I had signed up just to get the discount and then I was like, well, I don’t know how to get you these physics and do this 30 day program with me. So I just upgraded my account and then she bought the products, but like absolutely clueless. And she must have gone to something in Jacksonville where they were talking about this this conference and really sold it.

And so luckily my husband, you know, he’s, he was board before I was, he was like, you gotta go check this out. Like you can remember when you can’t let her go by herself. And number two, like you love to travel, like get on the plane and go. So I didn’t tell anybody. I, everyone thought I was traveling for. So, oh 

Heather: my mm-hmm

Gosh. Yeah, that’s crazy. And so nine years ago, I’m thinking back from like a social media perspective, I’m guessing that’s probably not how you built your business, 

Kristen: right? No, no. I’m sure I was on Facebook, just sharing pictures of my small children and their milestones. I kind of cringe when those memories come up and I’m like, oh, what was I doing?

But no, not at all. It was all. Honestly word of mouth. Cause I had such transformational results, honestly, from the program that a lot of it at first was just people asking me like, what the heck did you do? And why are you not ordering a diet Coke? oh, wow. 

Heather: So it was kind of the people around you that mm-hmm, mostly in person.

It sounds like that you’re already connected to got to see visibly, see the difference in transformation in you. To where they would ask you about it. And then it was a natural because you loved it. And, and just like, it’s so natural for us to share the things that we love and enjoy, whether it is a, I’ve got my Chick-fil-A frosted coffee, which is just diet Coke.

But anyway, , you know, it’s, it’s natural for us to share the thing that we love. And especially when you are kind of like that ignorance on fire, right? Like you weren’t necessarily trying to build a huge business at that point. Right. You were just like exploring what this could look 

Kristen: like. Yeah. I was like, do you know, what’s in your bread?

Like I just found out for myself, like, let me take you to the grocery store and let’s talk about ingredients. Like this is blowing my mind. This is why my gut health is just wrecked. And people are like, I didn’t know that either. And you know, it was just this discovery phase of, you know, what aspertame is doing to your body and what chemicals you’re putting on your face or doing to the inside.

So, yeah, it was, it was just real time happening. But like I said, my husband and. Literally transformed before people’s eyes. And they were like, what the heck is happening? I was like, you gotta do this with me. So that’s 

Heather: how it started. That’s so cool. Well, and also I love the fact. I actually just did a training for some leaders on my team this past week talking about the, there was actually a quote from James, Clear.

I might have to pull it up to ask cuz I love his book, atomic habits, but also he has this oh yeah. Email called 3, 2, 1. I can link this in the show notes for anybody that wants like a. Up of inspiration but there were, he has on that 3, 2, 1 email, three questions. Or actually I think it’s just one question at the end.

It’s three quotes from him, two quotes from others. And then the you know, the, the one. Question for you. And it’s what career would you realistically pursue if you wanted the most money? So that’s like one thing, especially if you’re, you know, going so far as to get an MBA, right. The other part of it is what career would you realistically pursue if you wanted the biggest impact?

Which of course you’ve talked about that. And what career would you realistically pursue if you wanted to have the most fun and travel, thankfully. A big part of this and then what career offers the best mix. And one of the things that struck me, obviously, I thought about our profession in network marketing is being like, whoa, that’s, that’s what we get to do.

We get to have fun, you know, make some great money and also make a huge and tremendous impact. But what’s really cool is you can do it alongside. Whatever else it is that you’re passionate about. So when you started it, you were, I’m sure a very successful auditor, super busy, like you said, people thought you were even just doing a, you know, work related trip.

Were you a mama at this time too? Cause I know just, so how did you balance that? Like building your Arbonne business, kind of starting from scratch with that, but then also working full time, helping your husband being a mama, all the. 

Kristen: Yeah. So I have always been ambitious type a driven.

So I had already, we had already started several side companies. You know, I had helped build my husband’s real estate firm. I started a, a boutique children’s consignment sale. I did wedding planning, so I was already fully engaged volunteering at church, leading community groups, being involved in the junior league children.

So. That sounds like a lot to some people, but to me it felt awesome to be fully utilized. And then I think, you know, there was one day as I was standing in the kitchen. I just remember thinking like I just had this and it still makes me almost fun to cry. Like I had this visual of all the plates spinning in the air and I was like, If I, if I’m off by 15 minutes today, they’re all gonna crash down.

Like everything was so tightly scheduled and controlled that it was like unsustainable. And it hadn’t felt like that until that point. But I also think that when personal development comes with a business like this, I realized that a lot of that I was doing was to fill the gap in my own self to feel needed and to feel worthy and to feel.

You know, like I made, I was doing something for this world, but maybe for the wrong reasons. And so I read this book it was called the best. Yes. And it rocked my world and I was like, you know, my, yes. To all these things, aren’t my a hundred percent. Yes. And so we literally, we went down to our coast house.

We took a yellow pad. Legal pad and wrote all, everything that we had on our list to that we were doing and involved and committed to. And we just started marking ’em off and it took about a year to kind of right size our life to a way that was meaningful. And cuz you know, if I do some, if I say I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it.

So I didn’t just like. Back out of everything I had committed to, but it really took some time and some energy to, to, to like reprioritize. And we realized that our bond was at the top of that list because it did bring me such joy and fulfillment, and we did see the possibility for the earnings, but also for just like you said, the fun and the community.

And so it took about a year, but we were able to move some things off our plate to make room for it. And it was totally worth. 

Heather: That’s awesome. And Kristen, I’ll make sure to share both the for anybody that is, you know, I know it’s super important, especially when talking about the income potential within this business model to be Uber transparent about.

Oh yeah. It looks like, so I’ll make sure to share that in the show notes as well as the one for Seint, you know, just because it, I think it is good to, you know, to kind of see what that looks like, because what you’ve been able to achieve in terms of ranking and being celebrated recently at conference, right.

As a national vice president, That’s. I mean, it’s a huge deal. It’s top 1%. I’m surprised it’s even that I bet it’s even probably less than that, but according to Earnings.Arbonne.Com 

Kristen: it’s top 1%. Yep. 

Heather: So did you always have your site set on that? I mean, and how long did it take you to get there? All the average is about five years, which that’s the other thing is, oh, it doesn’t, it baffle you when people, you know, like maybe two years into the business or like, but I’m, I’m not, you know, It, it’s where I wanna be.

It’s like this thing takes time and yeah, I know you’ve read the gap and the gain as well. And it’s like, when you focus on the gain, even in the short term, it’s you know, it’s kind of crazy, but what did that look like? Did you always kind of, because you were I an ambitious person, did you always have your site set on that top rank or did it just kind of build naturally.

Kristen: Yes. I think when I went to that first conference and like I said I met a girl named Tara Bransla and she, I was like met her in the line at Starbucks. And then I saw her on the brand stage speaking. I. This is crazy. She is so quiet and she’s a CPA and you know, just to see what she’s been able to do with her life and just the impact she made.

I was like, okay, if she can do it. I can do it, but I didn’t go home and immediately start working. I went home and internalized it and I wouldn’t recommend that , but it’s my journey. And so it was probably two years and I had reached I think the second level is we only have four levels in our company.

I think I’d reached the area manager level and. You know, but I didn’t, I wasn’t really paying attention to the paychecks. I was more paying attention to the community and what was happening around me. And then it clicked, I think I, I got a paycheck with a comma in it and you know, and we know right now that.

You know, $500 a month for some families are the difference between what you were able to afford last year and this year, just because of inflation. Right? And so that first paycheck as a district manager, which as our first level, it’s, it’s huge for people. It is, it is life changing. And so for me, that level was when it came with a comma in it.

And I was like, Oh, wait, this is an, let me remind myself like what the opportunity is. And and so I, I, I would say that’s when I actually started, you know, on the journey. And so we promoted in 2019 was just able to walk the stage last month because the last two conferences were canceled, but yeah, August, 2019.

Heather: Wow. Okay. So that was three years ago, right? So six years. Wow. Yeah. yep. What an incredible accomplishment. And I know that, and I remember having our WAM leading up to that conference, that that was such a special moment for you to be able to celebrate. That you know, and to come full circle, right?

Cause that’s what inspired you and motivated you nine years ago was seeing someone just like yourself, a real woman that somebody else can relate to, which is, which is so cool. So I love, love that story and what you’ve been able to accomplish. 

All right friends. So we’re going to press pause on this interview with Kristen and we will pick it back up next week. But wow, isn’t her story? Just so inspiring. And don’t you just. Want to be her friend. That’s how I felt when I met Kristen, but I just really loved hearing, not only her story, but also the story. 

Of some really amazing people in her company. That have been able to build an incredible business, some of them without even having smartphones, let alone social media. So I’m excited for you guys to hear more from Kristen next week in part But I would love to hear what you thought about today’s episode. So if you want to just text me the word podcast, 2 9 1 2. 

4 0 5 8 9 1 2. You’ll get a link to the scale without social for female entrepreneurs, telegram thread. And just how about over there? And let me know what you think, or you can swipe up on your phone right now. If you’re listening and leave me a review, I want to hear from you, I’m going to know what you think about this podcast. And what you think about the podcast in general and maybe some different topics or if you have somebody that you feel like would be a good fit for me interviewing on this podcast because this you’re going to be hearing in the next several weeks if not months from some really special people who will be inspiring you can also always check out heather k for more information on all the things and that’s b u r g e well thank you guys again for listening today

and i will see you all next week

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